Choreography by Alessandra Corona and Gino Landi.
Directed by GIno Landi.

In her second production as Artistic Director, Alessandra Corona describes ‘Dulcinea in Manhattan’ as ‘a new teatro danza production directed by Gino Landi with fast and vibrant staging and choreography that takes place in a Manhattan apartment in New York City.  The inspiration and atmosphere of ‘Dulcinea in Manhattan’ comes from Cervantes’ novel ‘Don Chichotte’.  In the contemporary world of the show, the seven artists dance, sing, and act, while mixing imagery, poetry, and imagination – intertwined between reality and fantasy – as each one seeks his own ‘Impossible Dream’. Alessandra Corona and Gino Landi have created original choreography for the show.

Original music Thomas Lentakis and Mario Rosini

Costumes Silvia Frattolillo

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