Artistic Director Alessandra Corona



Choreographed by Guido Tuveri & Company


Is a new work created by Guido Tuveri. 

It is a voyage of consciousness and an exploration of relationships without emotional barriers. How truthful can we become in moments when we relax our emotional defenses? To enhance the capacity to feel the moment, performers and the audience are invited to focus their attention on suggestive images, in the form of short video clips which will be projected randomly.

The choreography is developed with the collaboration of the dancers. 

Performers: Alessandra Corona, James Samson, Maria Vittoria Villa, Cassandra Orefice, James Johnson,  Michael Bishop, Brian Castillo.

Original Music by: Thomas Lentakis

Music by: Soha, René Aubry, Andrea Motis Joan Chamorro Quintet & Scott Hamilton.

The performance features our special guest:

James Samson (former principal dancer of Paul Taylor Dance Company).


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