Thomas Lentakis


THOMAS LENTAKIS, music composer, born in New York City, comes from a musical background: his mother was a concert pianist who studied at Julliard College, and both his mother and father played the accordion, often as a duo. Mr. Lentakis started studying the piano at the age of 7 and later also studied the drums and guitar. He formed his first band, the Poxdoctors, when he was 11 . After studying writing and music at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College, Mr. Lentakis co-founded the Agents, a New York-based band and started composing electronic music for dance productions. He has worked with various choreographers including Manuel Vignoulle (France), Kristian Cellini (Rome), Guido Tuveri (Sardinia), Ramon Oller (Barcelona) , Renato Greco (Rome), and Alessandra Corona (New York).

Since 2012 Mr Lentakis has composed original music for all the productions of ACPW Dance/Theater Company.