W2! (Women Too!)

Artistic Director Alessandra Corona presents

W2! (Women Too!)

Choreographed by Manuel Vignoulle

Is a new work created and choreographed by Manuel Vignoulle which explores the evolution of the male/female dynamic in history from a contemporary man’s point of view. Through experiences of women from different periods and cultures, the audience will witness the transformation of women’s status over time and how this has influenced men’s behavior. Vignoulle also explores the corresponding changes in gender roles and how the boundaries between sexual identities have become more fluid.

“If your levees were to break

How hard would our waters rage?

No timid approach to things that are

Not distant

We are the same

Even if you can only see

Beauty personified “

(Parris Lewis)          

Choreographed by: Manuel Vignoulle

Performers: Alessandra Corona, Maria Vittoria Villa, Cassandra Orefice, Michael Bishop, James Johnson, Brian Castillo, 

Parris Lewis(Singer)

Music arrangements : Thomas Lentakis 

Music by: Giuseppe Torelli, Arcangelo Corelli, Illyich Tchaikovsky, Antiqua Köln, Reinhart Goebel, Skip Sempe, Handel. 


Seattle International Dance Festival/International Series A June 8, 2019

by Marcie Sillman

“I’ve always thought of an arts festival as a sort of party favor grab bag, full of an array of prizes—goofy, satisfying, sometimes disappointing. But every so often, you lay hands—or in this case, eyes---on something that really surprises and delights. For me, that treat appeared the first weekend of this year’s SIDF, part of the Inter/National Series Program A. I wasn’t familiar with Alessandra Corona Performing Works, who are from New York and Italy. But their powerhouse Seattle debut whetted my appetite for more. The piece, “W2!-Women Too!,” choreographed by Manuel Vignoulle, was a dynamic, ballet-based crowd-pleaser, featuring six highly skilled dancers plus a singer/spoken word artist. As the title declares, the work is a not-so-subtle proclamation of female equality and power. Nevertheless, the ingenious choreography and the talented cast kept “W2” continually engaging. The dance begins with a series of tableaux, reminiscent of European Renaissance paintings. An imperious man enters, enthrones himself, and claps for the bevy of women to dance for his pleasure. What ensues is a series of scenes illustrating everything from an abusive relationship to a complete gender role reversal. In a clever pas de deux, a man and woman trade off partnering tasks; she lifts him, he bends back in a graceful arch that you’d see a woman perform in a more traditional ballet. Vignoulle juxtaposes the lifts and graceful jetes with quotidian stomps, flexed biceps, whistles, growls and crotch grabs as female dancers take on macho stereotypes. As I said, it’s not subtle, but in the bodies of these artists, it’s effective. 
Lewis’ beautiful singing, added a lovely dimension to the second half of the piece. 
Alessandra Corona Performing Works is exactly the kind of treat you hope to find in a dance festival.”

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